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Science in the Beginning

Science in the Beginning
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Unless you are using this course with someone else and they have the Helps & Hints you may want to order the set not just the textbook

ISBN: 978-0-9890424-0-6

Science in the Beginning is the first book in a hands-on, multilevel elementary science series that introduces scientific concepts using history as its guide. Because each lesson is built around an activity or experiment, it is engaging for all K-6 students. In addition, there are three levels of review for each lesson, so the parent/teacher can choose the depth at which each student is expected to grasp the material. The course contains roughly 90 hours of instruction, 35 of which are composed of hands-on activities.

The beginning of history is given in the Bible's creation account, and this book uses the days of creation as a way of introducing a wide range of scientific concepts including the nature of light, energy conservation, the properties of air and water, introductory botany, our solar system, basic zoology, and some aspects of human anatomy and physiology. As the students learn about these scientific concepts, they are constantly reminded of the Creator who fashioned the marvels they are studying.

To read a detailed description of this course and the other courses the author plans to write, click here.

"...when they are released run, don't walk to get yourself copies. They are GOOD! We won't be using anything else from here on in, if we have a choice."

"The experiments are simple, effective and practical, and the concepts are explained with such clarity...The introduction of scientific terms is also very good. Just enough to begin to develop a scientific vocabulary. I don't know quite how to express it- but you teach worldview without specifically teaching it - you show logical explanations for things that the evolutionists have illogically explained. I really appreciate the personal, readable conversational style in which the books are written. It is indeed like having you meet with us and say- "Come, let's explore God's creation together, let me share with you what I've learned of Him, through His creation..."

"I have found the curriculum absolutely phenomenal and I tell everyone I can about you & your work!! I would not have considered myself strong in the area of science & quite frankly not particularly interested. However that is no longer the case; not only do I now thoroughly enjoy science and learning, I have been successful with every experiment tried. We have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed joining the dots of science & life."

"Late last year we completed [Science in the Beginning] and enjoyed it very much. Just this week we had a meeting with the principal of a new Distance Education school which we have enrolled with. He tried to convince us that another science program was better - but once I showed him the workbook my son had compiled with your course he was VERY impressed and told us to keep on the way we were going."

"I have been homeschooling for many years and have been using your [Science in the Beginning] program with two of my younger children, aged 9 and 11. I am writing to let you know how MUCHHHHH we enjoy your materials! My children are learning SOOOOO much!! My husband, an electronics engineer who studied physics -- a once-skeptic of homeschooling -- is very impressed with this science program."

"We love it, the kids love it and it is the best program I have seen and used!"

"I have to say that we are loving the course! My children are keen, always asking for the next lesson, and are loving the experiments. It's proved to be a very good fit for our homeschooling family."

"...we've found it really user friendly (even though we've got a spread of ages.)"

"Overall the experiments are easily set up and a definite help to understanding/remembering the lesson. They are the high-light of the lesson."

"The kids love the experiments! I like that they aren't content just to do the experiment as written; they play around and try other things -- just to see what happens."

"We are LOVING the experiments. Sometimes we have to repeat them because we are so fascinated by the results."

"For our family, at this point in time, this course is perfect! We are homeschooling 4 children and the 2 older students are working more independently now so I have more time to focus on studies with the younger two. Finding something that is fun, interesting, practical and useful is such a blessing."

"During my years of homeschooling it has been very difficult to teach science from publications or other sources that were available. This particular course has grabbed our attention, involved us in discovering and learning and produced some terrific work from my son."

"It's just what I would have hoped for in a science course. I appreciate being able to so easily use it with multiple children at different grade levels and that the children had meaningful notebooking rather than endless tests. I found that the experiments were especially well chosen, easy to perform with simple materials, but very applicable in helping them understand the concepts."

"We love this course. It has taken the 'what do we study now' aspect out of our planning as it's so well set out in your book we no longer need to plan from scratch."

"This science programme has been the best I've used over the last 6 years of homeschooling."

"Science has always been hard to fit into our homeschool because of the time it takes but this has not been the case with [Science in the Beginning]... The lessons have been so interesting that it is no longer a battle to get my children to do science and they have been enthralled from beginning to end."

"Splendid! We really enjoy learning together, and with mum as the facilitator this programme fits a variety of ages easily. We love huddling in my big, musty cupboard to do the experiments, and the workbook idea works well to accommodate the different abilities too. It feels a bit like we're making memories as well as learning basic science AND WITH THE BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE!"

"...because we have boys we appreciate lessons that are detailed but not too long and that every lesson has something 'hands on' and related to 'real life'. The narrative style of writing fits with our homeschool as we use a Charlotte Mason type method most of the time. The tone of writing is friendly and gives the feeling that a dad or grandpa (who happens to be a scientist) is explaining how things work--and all in a Christian context."

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