Science in the Scientific Revolution Set

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Textbook(hardcover) ISBN: 978-0-9890424-4-4
Helps & Hints(softcover) ISBN: 978-0-9890424-5-1

Science in the Scientific Revolution is the third book in a hands-on, multilevel elementary science series that introduces scientific concepts using history as its guide. It covers the scientific works of natural philosophers from 1543 to the end of the 1600s.

Because the course covers science as it was developed, it discusses a wide range of topics including astronomy, human anatomy, medicine, botany, zoology, heliocentrism, geocentrism, gases, pressure, electricity, fossils, microbiology, binary numbers, gravity, conservation laws, and the laws of motion. Throughout the course, the student learns that most of the great natural philosophers who lived during this time were devout Christians who were studying the world around them to learn more about the nature of God.

This product is a set consisting of the textbook plus the helps & hints book containing everything the parent/teacher needs to know for the subject.

To read a detailed description of this course and the other courses the author plans to write, click here.

"I can't tell you how much my boys have loved using your science books. We just finished up Science in the Scientific Revolution. They are begging to start Science in the Age of Reason. They want to do science through the summer. We were just having a discussion about when the final book in the series might be released."

"I love all of your books so far. We are at Science in the Scientific Revolution after doing both preceding books...I am so thankful you wrote these interesting science books." -student

"Just wanted to send you a quick note. We are almost done with your 3rd elementary Science book, and we don't stop to be amazed at the way you teach every lesson. My husband, a Microbiologist and Zoologist, is the one that is the most impressed with your experiments. We loved the one with the candle in Lesson 70, (Universal Law of Gravitation). He says that in his whole life, he's never seen something like that. My daughter loves your books too! Remember that I was doubting last year?? Not anymore! smile emoticon We already have the Science in the Age of Reason!"