Science in the Ancient World

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Unless you are using this course with someone else and they have the Helps & Hints you may want to order the set not just the textbook

ISBN: 978-0-9890424-2-0

Science in the Ancient World is the second book in a hands-on, multilevel elementary science series that introduces scientific concepts using history as its guide. Because each lesson is built around an activity or experiment, it is engaging for all K-6 students. In addition, there are three levels of review for each lesson, so the parent/teacher can choose the depth at which each student is expected to grasp the material. The course contains roughly 90 hours of instruction, 35 of which are composed of hands-on activities.

The course covers the scientific work of natural philosophers who lived from about 600 BC to the early AD 1500s. It concentrates mostly on what these ancient scientists got right, but it does spend some time discussing what they got wrong, because even the mistakes that scientists make can sometimes advance our understanding of the natural world. Of course, when the students are taught something that is now known to be incorrect, they are made aware of this fact!

Because the course covers science as it was developed, it covers a wide range of topics including human anatomy, medicine, optics, heliocentrism, geocentrism, sound, music, magnets, how steam is used to generate power, the motion of objects through a medium, combustion, levers, pulleys, plant growth, plant anatomy, tree ring dating, the atmosphere, astronomy, the basics of graphing, plastics, density, water flow, friction, and erosion. Throughout the course, students learn that most of the great scientists who lived from AD 500 to the end of this time period were devout Christians who did science because they thought they could learn more about God by studying His handiwork.

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"Science has now become a joy for him. He asks all day when we get to do science. It is his reward at the end of the school day when we finish our other subjects."

"We are absolutely LOVING the course we are doing. We have all learned so much and I love being able to tailor it to my individuals children's needs. It is absolute gold and I recommend it to every other homeschool parent I speak to!"

"I selected this book by Dr. Wile for our homeschool science text this year and it has become one of our favorite school resources. While it's written in a manner in which even my elementary children can understand (with some clarification from me), it still comprehensively covers an array of scientific principles that may have been discovered in the ancient world but still apply today. Dr. Wile takes care to note when ancient philosophers made incorrect assumptions about our world but still made notable contributions that furthered our understanding of science.

This books differs from others I've seen in that it offers simple, clear experiments for each and every lesson. The materials needed for each experiment (all common household items) are itemized, the experiments take minimal prep and are easy to conduct and more importantly, easy to comprehend for my children. The focus of this book is not on memorizing text for a test; rather its focus is on encouraging students to observe the world around them and conduct simple, repeatable, experiments for themselves to prove foundational principles of science.

Through study of this book, my elementary aged daughters have discussed and conducted experiments on topics ranging from sound waves to atoms, simple machines (levers, pulleys) to the solar system, optics, anatomy, and the list goes on. It covers scientific contributions from the likes of Democritus, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Galen, da Vinci and so many more.

It has engaged their interest and encouraged them to embrace science and math. For that, I sincerely thank Dr. Wile and will purchase his other science texts."

"We love the daily science experiments. I like the way the books tie in with a historical timeline but at the same time group topics in a logical format."

"I was very apprehensive in starting your science series. It is different. We have started with your "Science in the Ancient World." The deeper we go into your book the more I see how it makes sense, it flows. My daughter is able to answer your questions AND understand the reasoning behind them. She is nine, soon to be ten, and what she is grasping is just amazing to me. The science experiments with each lesson have really cemented the concept being taught to her and made her think. I don't fear the teaching of science anymore, now I look forward to building on what she and I are learning through your series."